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ADA Sign Colors

The backgrounds —including Braille copy — of all standard cast ADA signs may be painted any of the following colors:

ADA Signage black background color
ADA Signage metallic Grey background color
Metallic Grey
ADA Signage M28 dark blue background color
M28 Dark Blue
ADA Signage dark green background color
Dark Green
ADA Signage dark oxide stain background color
Dark Oxide Stain

Raised Areas

All raised lettering, symbols and borders on standard ADA signs receive a brushed satin metal finish. The raised Grade 2 Braille is painted to match the background. Raised areas may be painted with a color which contrasts with the background color upon request.

Protective Coating

To conform with ADA guidelines on non-glare finishes, all cast ADA signs are protected with a non-glare satin finish lacquer protective coating.

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