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Cast Metal Plaques Graphics

Raised vs. Recessed Lettering on Cast Bronze Plaques

Raised vs. Recessed Graphics

The casting process creates plaques with two levels of graphics: raised and recessed. Graphic images are raised 0.100" from the background texture. Letters can be recessed on a cast plaque of the stroke of the letters is at least 1/8" at all points or serifs.

Emblems & Logos

cast bronze drama emblemcast bronze angel emblemOn hand might be a standard emblem for your civic, fraternal, or religious group, government agency, or armed service. Many emblems are available in an assortment of sizes to fit different size plaques. They might be flat-relief or sculpted bas-bas-relief. Check with us to learn the availability of a specific emblem.
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Flat-relief vs. Bas-relief

Virtually any emblem, seal, logo or crest can be cast in one of two ways:
Flat-relief Bas-relief
Cast metal plaque flat-relief graphic Cast metal plaque bas-relief graphic
Line details are raised the same height as the raised copy. Submit camera-ready art or electronic artwork. Many emblems or logos lend themselves to a multi-level design. We will either sculpt the image from your artwork or model it using a computer-aided 3-D model maker.

Flat Decorative Borders

In the same way emblems and logos may be made into flat relief images, you can have decorative borders on your cast metal plaque. Below are some standard border designs, but provide us with your own custom black and white line art and we can put together a unique border for your plaque.

Cast bronze flat decorative borders

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