Specializing in identification products we produced metal sign and recognition products
using casting, etching and other processes.

Color Metal Plaques
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Our process creates four-color aluminum graphics solutions that are extremely durable.

Durability Features
- Embedded graphics are resistant to sun, sand, rain, snow, heat, saltwater, wind, graffiti,
scuffing, grease, gasoline and chemicals

- Images will not chip, crack or peel

- Graffiti-resistant paints and permanent inks can be easily removed using common solvents without damaging the graphics

- Scratch and abrasion resistant

- Unbeatable UV resistance

- Can tolerate heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit

- Anodized aluminum is 60 times harder than regular aluminum

Color Metal Plaques

Color Metal Plaques

Color Metal Plaques

Color Metal Plaques