Specializing in identification products we produced metal sign and recognition products
using casting, etching and other processes.

Color Metal Plaques
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Why use color metal plaques?
Color metal plaques is an ideal aluminum graphics solution when you need a highly durable product with four-color, high-resolution graphics.

What are the applications for color metal plaques?
Color metal plaques offers architectural, commercial and industrial applications. These applications include:
- Signage -- Interpretive/Directional/Regulatory
- Wayfinding
- Awards
- Trophies
- Plaques
- Letters
- Murals and artwork
- Sequential barcodes
- Equipment instruction panels
- Asset ID tags
- Serial number tags
- Decorative accents
- Collectibles
- Sports memorabilia
- Vanity license plates

How is the ink embedded in the metal?
Our process opens the aluminum pores to embed the ink into the metal sheet.

Can the aluminum sheets be printed on both sides?
We can simulate double-sided printing by affixing two printed sheets, back to back.
The result is seamless when the sheets are joined and trimmed.

Is the product guaranteed?
We offer customers a 10-year guarantee that the product will not chip, peel or flake. If it does, we will replace it.

Do you print direct to plate?
Our proprietary process requires the use of film.

What are the acceptable file formats?
Most PC and Mac desk top publishing formats are acceptable.
Our preferred formats are: Print-ready PDF, Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
With photographic reproductions, high-resolution jpeg and tiff files can be used.
All photo images need to be a minimum of 300 dpi at full/finish size for high quality reproduction.
Artwork needs to be saved in CMYK or grayscale. No RGB elements.

How high is the resolution of photographic printing?
For all projects we use 133-line screen film that produces a resolution of about 400dpi.

How many colors can you print on one sheet?
There is no limit to the number of spot colors that can be printed on a piece of sheeting.
However, each color requires its own film and adds another stage to the proprietary process.

What range of colors can you print?
With our specially formulated CMYK inks, we can closely match any custom spot color if you provide a sample.
White or white based colors are an exception because, to date, there is no compound available that allows anodized printing of white.
We let the bare aluminum show through where white is indicated.
Our fine grade of aluminum appears so white that this absence of color is rarely noticeable.
When reproducing white-based or light colors, a screen value between 10% and 60% of the solid color will achieve the best results.

Can the sheets be used on curved surfaces?
We can only print on flat sheets.
Any slight bend will crack the anodic layer and expose the embedded ink which may cause it to fade over time.
Applications for interior use can be successfully curved to a diameter of 18 inches using 0.3 mm stock.

What happens to the color after an extended period of outdoor exposure?
As long as the anodic layer is not damaged, colors should stay true.
Reds and yellows may darken up to 3% because of constant UV exposure.
To minimize slight darkening, we recommend a maintenance program in which
a UV-protectant metal polish is applied every two to three months to the product.

Will paint remover strip away the color in the aluminum?
Using paint remover to erase graffiti, for example will not affect the embedded color even after multiple applications.
Products containing Caustic Soda, such as wax strippers and lye soap, should never be used.

What is the minimum thickness of a sheet?
Our anodized sheets have a minimum thickness of 0.3mm.

What are the minimum and maximum sizes that can be produced?
There is no minimum size. The maximum sheet size is 48 x 36.
Sheets can be printed with full bleed and then tiled to accommodate larger projects.

What variety of shapes can be cut from a sheet?
We can laser cut and finish your product exactly according to your die line and specifications.