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Trunks are supplied with concealed threaded studs for mounting. Tree tops are supplied with machine screws and expansion sleeves for masonry walls or Togglers® for hollow walls. Indicate the type of wall to which your tree will be mounted, so that the correct hardware is provided for installation.

Wall-mounting a tree trunk

Trunk Mounting to Hollow or Solid Walls

Use a 3/8" drill bit to drill the holes in hollow or solid walls. Drill completely through the wall material if it is hollow. Drill the hole to a depth slightly deeper than the length of the brass studs for a solid wall. Apply either silicone sealant/adhesive or a construction grade adhesive to each stud, around each of the drilled holes and on the flat areas on the back of the casting near the base.

The tops of all recognition trees are fabricated from 1/4" thick clear acrylic sheet. The acrylic is predrilled and tapped to accept small brass machine screws that attach the leaves to the tree top. The acrylic is projected 1" from the wall surface by spacers during installation. Add-on panels are not butted together, but are spaced 1/4" - 3/8" between acrylic sections.

Mounting a tree top to a hollow wall

Tree Top Mounting to a Hollow Wall

For hollow walls, use a 1/2" drill bit to drill the Toggler® bolt holes. Togglers® were designed so that the "butterfly" metal channels on the inside of the hollow wall stay in place, even after the bolt is removed. To install, insert the metal channel into the hole in the wall and tug on the plastic pull ring. Once the plastic cap is flush with the face of wall, snap the plastic legs off by pushing outward.
Mounting a tree top to a solid wall

Tree Top Mounting to a Solid Wall

For installation on solid walls, use a 3/8" masonry bit for the 10-24 machine screws and the lead expansion shields provided. Drill the holes deep enough to ensure that the screw will not strike the back of the hole when fully inserted. Insert the expansion sleeves into each hole and set each one with a hammer and a metal setting tool.

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