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Trunk Designs

The following recognition trees are for interior application only.

Traditional Cast Bronze Trunk

Three traditional trunk designs are sculpted in bas-relief and cast in sold bronze. Trunk weight is approximately 85 pounds. Trunks can also be cast in aluminum, weighing approximately 30 pounds.

Style Dimensions of Trunk
T1*, T2, T3*, T8, T9, T10 40" left to right
46" top to bottom
4" deep at its highest point
T4*, T6, T7* 57" tall
35" base width
33" wide at branches
T5*, T11, T12 42" tall
21-1/4" base width
25" wide at branches

The tops of all recognition trees are fabricated from 1/4" thick clear acrylic sheet. Optional tree tops include translucent acrylic in the following shades:

  • #2539 Solar Bronze for use with cast bronze trunk
  • #2514 Solar gray for use with cast aluminum trunk

Contemporary Cut Brass Trunk

The contemporary design is cut from satin-finished 1/4" yellow brass plate, (Copper Development Association Alloy C26000). Trunk weight is approximately 80 pounds.

Style Dimensions of Trunk
C1, C2, C3 36" left to right
46" top to bottom

*See an example of this tree trunk style in the Donor Recognition Wall Gallery

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