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Etched plaques are ideal for reproducing images with fine detail and small lettering. ADA compliant graphics can be created through deep-etching metal plaques. The etching process creates plaques with two levels of graphics — recessed and raised.

Recessed vs. Recessed Graphics

Recessed Image and Copy on Bronze Graphic images and text are generally recessed on an etched plaque and infilled with a painted color. Brass alloys may be chemically oxidized with the recessed areas appearing as a darker color.
When raised graphics are specified, the background will be painted or chemically oxidized. Small lettering with fine serifs is not recommended for raised graphics. Raised Image and Copy on Bronze

Stencil-Cut Graphics

Elevator PanelLetters and artwork may be pierced or stencil-cut by waterjet-cutting through the mtal plate. This method is ideal for signage that combines dissimilar metals, that requires backlighting or that exposes the installation wall. Waterjet-cutting is also used for accurate placement of holes and cut out areas for control panels.
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